Shareit App For Windows 7 Installation Details

If you are residing in this era only, you would definitely be aware of the most popular file transferring application, ShareIt. The application, when first launched, took the world by a storm owing to the kind of speed it showcased when it came down to the file transfer from one platform to the other. While the majority of the people tend to have a very fast paced life, it is hard to rely on the normal Bluetooth or data cable for transferring or receiving the files. Everyone is on the go and ShareIt For WIndows 7 has actually made the overall process of file sharing streamlined and efficient, which is everything that everyone wanted and anticipated for. The best part about this application is the fact that it is more or less compatible for every single platform, be it a PC or even a mobile phone. If you have been wondering why ShareIt and how you can get it started for your Windows 7 PC, we got you covered.

Shareit For Windows 7 Features

Before we jump headstart into talking about ShareIt for Windows 7, it is better we walk you through the various features of the application that you can enjoy.

Sharing files between PCs

The very first thing about this application that stands apart is the fact that not only can you share files via smartphones, but the same can also be done between two computers as well. This is not something you can encounter with the other similar kind of file-sharing platforms. This is something that helps you save and transfer bigger files on the other platforms altogether without having to use buffers in between.

Super fast sharing

The major and the primary factor that did make ShareIt on Windows 7 gain the kind of popularity it has today is because of the amazing speed it portrays. While Bluetooth did have a very slow sharing speed, with ShareIt Windows 7, the process is accentuated by 200 times which is pretty amazing in itself. The standard sharing speed via ShareIt is around 20Mbps which are extraordinary.

Cross-platform sharing

Yet another amazing feature of ShareIt For WIndows 7 is the fact that it allows cross-platform sharing which was not something you could find initially in the other file transferring platforms. This means that you can share files with any kind of platform, from an Android to an iOS and so on and so forth. The process and the method of connection might be a bit different than the standard ones but it works effortlessly without any kind of issues altogether.

Supports all file formats

Yet another one of the features that highlight this application altogether is the fact that it does support all formats of files without a speck of doubt. From big media files to various document files, this platform can actually help you transfer any kind of files from one platform to the other without any kind of issue altogether. From Mp3 and Mp4 files to the Apk files and the normal document files, the platform allows every kind of files to be transferred around without any issues altogether.

No possible network restrictions

The best thing about this platform again is the fact that it doesn’t necessarily require for you to have an internet connection. You can simply have a proper local network connection with the built-in wifi or portable hotspot connection to share the files successfully without any form of interruptions altogether throughout the file sharing process.

Download ShareIt For Windows 7

The process of installation of ShareIt on Windows is quite easy and not complicated at all. If you have a properly working internet connection, the process will take you around a few minutes to finally be done with which is pretty amazing.

If you wish to download ShareIt to your Windows 7 PC, follow the steps:

  • Download the Windows 7 Apk file from the official website of ShareIt App For windows 7 by clicking on it
  • Once the downloading is complete, all you need to do is double click on the downloaded file
  • This helps in kickstarting the installation process quite easy and then follow through the progress mentioned
  • Install the file completely and you are good to use it for sharing the files

Why ShareIt On Windows 7

Even after all this, if you are still wondering as to why ShareIt is actually a good enough option, we do have some important benefits to share that could be an eye-opener for you.

Amazing efficiency in file transfer

With just the connection of the hotspot and the local wifi, with ShareIt, the process of file transfer is not just fast and lag free but quite effortless as well. This means that the process of file transfer doesn’t require for you to be stressed throughout, you can just select the files and complete the process and the files will be transferred without any kind of issues or interruptions which is pretty dope.

Worried about security?

Yet another factor that does make ShareIt a lot different and unique than the other file-sharing platforms is the fact that they ensure complete security of each and every file that is transferred via their platform. If you have been fretting about whether or not the developers have access to the personal data and information, that is not the case none of the files and the data are stored with them which helps keep you assured of the security you get with this.

Clean interface

Yet another factor of the ShareIt application is the fact that the platform itself is quite clean and clear to understand and operate. You don’t necessarily have to bang around trying to figure out the process because everything is assorted very clearly, making the user interface not just interactive but quite easily navigable as well.

ShareIt For Windows 7 is fast growing in popularity. If you are still in a dilemma, thinking why this application is the one you need to opt for, we hope this article was informative and helpful enough to make you understand the same clearly.

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