Shareit For Windows 8 Download & Install Guide

With the consistent growth of the technology and the development of new kinds of technology, it is not surprising that file transfer has been reformed and revolutionized. While the predominant and past ways included the usage of Bluetooth for the file transfer, the same has actually changed completed with the introduction of ShareIt. If you didn’t know before, ShareIt on Windows 8 is a multichannel sharing platform which helps you share files, documents, images and any kind of videos across phones, desktop, and several other platforms. This has made file sharing not just a lot easier, but efficient as well. The main reason why ShareIt has gained the kind of popularity it has today is that of the amazing multichannel sharing option that it does have. You can share files from mobile to desktops or even vice versa, or even from mobile to mobile.

In this article, we are going to be discussing the extended features of the ShareIt for Windows 8 application along with the steps involved to download it to the Windows 8 platform.

Shareit for Windows 8 Features

The very first thing of ShareIt on Windows 8 that does stand out is the fact that it is accessible to any and every device that you own. The process of file exchange might differ from platform to platform, but the basic process and the ideology behind the same are completely static. If you are here wondering why ShareIt is an amazing option for your file transfer needs, let us take a peek into the major features about the application.

Sharing documents

The very first thing that stands out in this application is the fact that it makes sharing documents across devices a lot easier. Long gone are the days when you had to plug in your phone to the desktop to transfer the files to your phone. With ShareIt for windows 8, you can actually do it quite easily by following through some of the easiest processes involved in it. The best thing about this is also the fact that every single one of the files is kept secured and no third party accesses are given to the documents shared/.

Sharing applications

While it is possible for you to download the applications from the online platforms like that of Google PlayStore and App Store, ShareIt is an amazing option for you to look into if you don’t have internet access or need to save your internet data. With this, you can easily share the applications to any device and later install it onto the device as per the instructions. It makes the process quite easier and efficient.

Sharing media files

The next factor in this and possibly the most important of the lot is the fact that you can easily share any form of images, videos or even voice recordings to any devices and platforms with just one click. Even with the big sizes of the files, the process of transfer is quite easy and doesn’t inflict any kind of problem to your phone. The best part is that the application helps in transferring the images or even the other forms of media files in record time, which is what makes it one of the best around on the market right now.

Why use ShareIt on windows 8?

Next on the list of discussion is why one should be using ShareIt window 8. In this section, we are going to be discussing some of the common benefits of using ShareIt, across any platforms.

  1. It is free

The very first and the most striking feature of this application is the fact that it is completely free of charge. You don’t necessarily need to pay any form of money to use this application which is what makes it one of the most favorable options for file transfer. There are advertisements instilled which might pop up from time to time, but they are not very frequent or unbearable which is what makes it an even better option to use ShareIt across all platforms.

  • It is efficient

Apart from the fact that the application is completely free, yet another one of the factors that does stand out amidst the lot is the efficiency it portrays. The application is very fast when it comes to file transfer and can ensure to successfully transfer files within a matter of seconds or minutes, depending on the size of the file involved. If you are worried about the speed, be ensured that this one of the issues that you won’t necessarily face when it comes to ShareIt.

  • It is secure

One of the most common issues that users complain about file transfer applications is the authenticity of it. If the application is not secure, chances are that they will get access to the files and the documents we are sharing which can result in a disaster. When it does come to ShareIt, you can be assured of the fact that the developers and even the ads you click on, won’t get access to the files you are sharing. The application vouches for the security it provides to the users and the people using this platform for sharing their files.

How to download ShareIt For Windows 8

As mentioned before, ShareIt can be used across almost all the platforms, be it an Android, iPhone or even a desktop. If you are here wondering how to download ShareIt on a Windows 8 platform, we have you covered.

The steps include:

  • Visit Windows App Store from your windows 8 and from there, click on the download option for Windows 8
  • Once you click on that, you will find a direct download for the application in the form of a zipped file
  • Open that and extract the application file and click on it. You must have an application to unzip files for this.
  • Once the same is done, install the ShareIt application and complete the entire setup
  • Sign up on the application with the credentials and you are good to go

ShareIt Windows 8 is gradually gaining more and more popularity because of its amazing and efficient services. If you were confused with the downloading process and weren’t sure about the features, we hope this helped you out.