Shareit For Chromebook Installation Details and Guideline

Capturing moments or even saving up the necessary records in the form of documents is quite common these days. With the consistently evolving technology and the importance surrounding the same, it is not surprising that more and more people are venturing into finding accessible means of data transfer and storage that would not just be quick and efficient but safe and secure as well. This was what paved way for the incoming file transferring applications in the market. Irrespective of what your thoughts might be, it would be a lie if you said that ShareIt For Chromebook hasn’t made your life a lot easier than before. With easy and efficient file transfer and better speed when it comes to the file transfer process, it is not surprising that this does stand out as one of the best in the lot. There are several similar applications available and if you are here wondering what would be the best option at hand, ShareIt is the answer to all your queries.

Here, we will walk you through some of the amazing features of ShareIt For Chromebook and discuss the easy way you can install this application on your Chromebook without any issues.

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Shareit For Chromebook Features

Before we proceed any further explaining how you can use ShareIt for Chromebook and what are the steps involved in the installation process, it is important for us to go through the features of the application that you can access and enjoy effortlessly.

Super fast transfer

The very first thing about the features of ShareIt On Chromebook is the fact that it promotes very fast and efficient file transfer without any kind of hindrance or disruption. If you are someone who deals with something that does require the easy transfer of files in a limited time, this is the application for you. Not only does it promote 200x more speed than that of the normal Bluetooth file transfer speed, but it also helps in ensuring that you can transfer the files without any kind of glitch throughout. If the connection and everything are optimum, you can even enjoy a speed of up to 20 Mbps which is pretty amazing.

Cross-platform transfer

Next on the list of the amazing features of ShareIt App on Chromebook is the fact that it does promote cross-platform file transfer which is yet another amazing aspect of this because then you rest assured that you can have one application that will be able to share the files via there. This allows you to not overdo the number of applications or plug-ins you need to download for transferring files on your multiple devices. It supports on not just Android but Windows, iOS and every other major platform you can think of.

Support multiple formats of files

The best thing about ShareIt is the fact that you can literally share any or every kind of files via this application. The best thing about this is the fact that it does support the transfer of all the major types of files which does make it a lot easier for people to share their images, documents or even other applications if that’s required. Right from the doc and pdf files to mp3 and jpg files, this application helps share every kind of file.

Multiple connecting points

Yet another one the bright features of this application is the fact that it does promote better transfer not just via phones but via computers as well. So, forget the days you had to plug in a data cable to transfer the files to the computer or from the computer. With Chromebook ShareIt, you can install it on any of the platforms and easily transfer the files without having to worry about any of the shortcomings whatsoever. This feature allows sharing files between two devices without any kind of buffer in between.

Doesn’t have network restrictions

One of the most common and the worst things one could encounter is when they are stuck with sharing the files and the necessities but it becomes harder for the person to do so because of the poor network connection. This is not the case with ShareIt because you don’t necessarily need any kind of internet connection in your phone. The files are transferred via local area network connectivity which further makes the process even easier for you to look into. This promotes a seamless transfer.

Multiple devices at once

One of the most common and well-known features of the ShareIt application is the fact that it promotes the transfer of the files on multiple platforms. In simpler words, you can share files with multiple people all at once, the same being around 5 people at a time which is pretty amazing. This is not generally something you do notice with many of the other applications that promote easy file transfer. If you are here wondering how the same does work, there is an option where you can select and send files to 5 users at a time.

How to install ShareIt on Chromebook

As mentioned before, downloading and installing ShareIt on Chromebook isn’t rocket science. The process is quite simple, one that can be done within a matter of minutes.

  • Firstly, visit the official website of ShareIt and get the Chromebook download option from there. If you don’t get the same, you can download it from this link.
  • Once the file has been downloaded, install the file by double clicking on it
  • Let the file install and once you follow through the installation process and finish it, you will be able to use this application on Chromebook as well
  • Customize as you want and you are pretty much good to go with it

ShareIt is fast evolving with each passing day, mainly because of the amazing features and the easy navigation of the interface that the developers have worked on. If you have been meaning to get an easy and fast file transfer application for your Chromebook, this is the one you need to download and start using without fail.

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