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SHAREit is the best sharing app that is available through in the market at present. With more than 14 million downloads, it is favorite in the pc especially windows operating system users to share their stuff like files, media, documents and other.
The best part of the SHAREit application is, the user can download it for any platform irrespective of their OS and device. Yes, you can download it for your windows pc, Mac, mobile phones, tablets, and all other Android and iOS devices.
In this article, we are going to be talking about everything one needs to know when it comes to SHAREit on PC.

About Shareit for pc windows 7, 8, 8.1 & 10:

Version SHAREit
Download Size 6.15 MB
Requirement Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
Available At
Author Lenovo Inc.

 SHAREit For Pc Download

Shareit it an application which has some major features that needs to describe before you start to download shareit for pc on your respective devices. here are few features of shareit application for windows. 

In a world where everyone is on the lookout for achieving and completing everything on the go, file sharing through Bluetooth is old news now. Nobody predominantly uses any kind of Bluetooth connectivity or even Airdrop any file or picture to the recipients. ShareIt has revolutionized file sharing and that too because of the kind of time one requires to finish the process of transfer.

This file sharing application took the technological world by a storm because of the kind of effect it has. More and more users are availing the services of this application to get their files, pictures and even audios and videos transferred to the recipient within a record time. The application was developed back in 2015 by a company headed by Michael Qiu. The application is now available in around 30+ languages which further helps in making it an amazing interactive application to share files on.

shareit for pc

Pc To Pc Transfer
 SHAREit is a great and fast option for PC to PC transfers. Just launch the app, choose the college or friends nearby with whom you want to send or receive your content.

Back Up Photos From Phone To Pc
Now save the storage of your mobile phone and take back of your phone data using SHAREit with a single tap. Now don’t worry about deleting items. By backing up photos, you will get more space on your for other stuff according to your use.

Phone To Phone
Get the app on your phone, launch the app and choose the file and send to the one who receives it. Lastly, hit the send! In the same way, you can receive files.

Remote View
Another feature is Remote View, which is a quick and easy tool to search folders and PC files from your phone. What you have to do is search the file from your phone, click on it and share it directly from your phone to another device.

PowerPoint Control
Now no need of mouse or clicker to run your PowerPoint presentation. With SHAREit, control your presentation on the projector or pc. Go to the conference or classroom without any worries and connect with audiences.

Play To
Now with this app, show the content from your phone to pc. It is bets for friends & family reunions, business parties, and gatherings.

Bluetooth transfer speed sucks! But do not worry as this is not true for shareit for windows 7 free download as you can transfer the files at 120 times faster than Bluetooth speed.

Multiple Device Support
You can share the files in a group of maximum five devices simultaneously at once.

SHAREit Download For Pc

Over the course of 3 years, millions of people have already downloaded the application around the Android and the iOS platforms. The application is also functional on the desktop which is exactly what makes it a lot different than the other file-sharing applications available on the internet today.

Features of ShareIt:
Now that we have more or less discussed the application and an overview of it, it is time that we focus on the various features of the application. The features of the application are nothing out of the ordinary; it promotes easy file sharing from one device to the other via wifi connectivity.

File and document sharing:
The most amazing feature of this is the fact that it ensures an easy and smooth transfer of any kind and format of files and documents from one device to the other without a speck of issue. The documents are all concealed and no security issues are imposed which is an added bonus. To explain it in an easier way, there is no third party hindrance during the sharing process.

Apk transfer:
Not just the common files and documents, you can easily, even share any applications that are preinstalled on your device without any issues. This cuts down the requirement for you to fret about downloading the application from the application stores and saves out your time and data as well.

Pictures and media files:
ShareIt is most commonly used for the transfer of the pictures and other media files. The efficiency of the application is what makes it a lot easier to share the files easily and in record time, something that couldn’t have happened without the application.

Why is ShareIt gaining popularity?
There is not just one file sharing application on the internet but ShareIt has cemented its place as one of the best in the market right now. The main reason is that of the kind of efficiency it does showcase.
If you are wondering about the reasons why this application is gradually belting out to the top, we have some amazing reasons to share with you.

Amazing efficiency:
As mentioned before, the very first reason why ShareIt has been on the constant rise is mainly that of the kind of efficiency it showcases when it comes to the speed of the transfer. The entire process of the transfer takes up a few minutes depending on the size of the file that one is sharing. This is definitely not something you will encounter on the other applications. Even a file measuring 1 GB can easily be shared within 5-7 minutes, which is amazing and very time-consuming.

Easy user interface:
Yet another amazing thing about the ShareIt application is the fact that it does have a very easy and interactive user interface. The pop-up ads are sometimes annoying but they are not that frequent, so you are okay with them. The interface lets you navigate through the application easily without any kind of issues which is definitely amazing. It lets you select multiple files to share at once, even on the PC which is amazing and does save up on a lot of your time. And as mentioned before, the time taken for the transfer is even lesser than what you would imagine.

Privacy protection
There is always that hunch with the file-sharing applications that what if they gain access to the information we share, right? With ShareIt, you don’t necessarily have to worry about the same mainly because of the fact that they don’t gain access to any of the files or pictures you are sharing. None of the data is stored in their interface, so you can share everything you want without having to fret about any of it.

Download shareit for windows 10 or Laptop

Step 1:
Go to the official website from the following link and click on the windows option.

Step 2:
As you click on the option, the windows version will be downloaded within no time on your pc or laptop.

Step 3:
Once the file is downloaded, double-click on it and install it by following the on-screen instruction.
Double click on file >> Run >> Yes >> Accept and install.

shareit latest version for Mac

Step 1:
Go to the official site from the following link and click on the Mac button from the submenu or click on the second link given here.

Step 2:
Download the file and double-click on it.

Step 3:
Accept the license agreement and follow on-screen instruction. And once you finish it, you can enjoy Shareit on your Mac computer.

SHAREit Download For Pc How to use it

shareit for pc download

Use this app is not a hard task, it is easy and matter of a minute. So let’s look at the steps to use it.
Launch the app on your pc or laptop, and as you open it, it shows you the connection nearby you.
Now choose between send or receive and as you click on it, it will create a connection.
It will look for any upcoming connection if there any then choose it.
Once both devices connect, choose the file to send or receive.

How to install ShareIt on PC?

Downloading ShareIt on PC is nothing different than how you would download it on the mobile devices. In this section, we are going to be sharing a step by step guide on how to install the application on your desktop.

• First, download the ShareIt apk from the Google Play Store or the App Store, depending on if you are using a normal desktop or laptop or a Mac product.

• Once the apk has been successfully downloaded, click on the install button and install the application on your PC

• Following that completed the installation process by clicking through the “Next” button till you are done with the installation process completely.

• Once the application has been installed successfully, all you need to do is sign up and start sharing the files.

The process of sharing files via PC on ShareIt is nothing different than what you would have done on the mobile devices. Ensure that you have the application installed on both the platforms so it’s easier for you to share files conveniently without having to rely on the data cables and other modes of file transfer. All in all, the overall process is definitely quite easy and without a speck of doubt, one of the best file sharing platforms till date.

Shareit For PC Filehippo

Shareit app latest version online will also available on website which is famous for providing freeware software. Filehippo is officially publishing shareit app on windows with a very long time. don’t forget to check them as they are the very legit source of all the free sources.

Shareit Latest Version Advantages

  • First thing is it is completely pocket-friendly means it is free to download and use on any platform
  • Small app regarding the size of 6.15 MB
  • No restriction of size to transfer
  • Wireless transfer, no need for mobile data, wifi connection or USB cable
  • No worries for your files and its privacy
  • Quick transfer of all type of files
  • shareit for pc download is safe and secure from any other method

It is all about shareit for pc. We hope you like the information you share here. Use the comment box to ask any questions related to this app. Thank you!